About Us

May 2020

Herd & Healy was established in May 2020 in the heart of Kent by myself, Briony. During this time I was finishing off my second year of my Animal Science degree at Writtle University College but was based at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, my main goal was to find a way to self fund a veterinary medicine degree as I was unable to receive funding due to it being a second degree and I was out of work due to the pandemic. I was due to apply to veterinary medicine degrees in the autumn, at the start of my third year of my degree and had to try and save up over £40,000 whilst finishing my degree and getting work experience. I have always loved sewing and creating artwork so this is where I began! I had started to make scrunchies for myself and friends and thought I could look at selling them, so I did! I then had to think of a name, this was the hardest part! I knew I wanted it to be related to either cattle (my favourite animal) or bears (one of my nicknames!) so I set off looking and thinking of the perfect name! I came across the word Healy, which means ingenious (inventive) and thought Herd & Healy had a nice ring to it! So that was the beginning of Herd & Healy!


Since a young age, I have always dreamed of having my own clothing range (I even wrote about it in a keepsake journal which I later found 10+ years later, not long after I had released our clothing range!). I have a passion for the countryside and I wanted to create a range of practical, comfortable clothing suitable for this lifestyle, all whilst being size inclusive and affordable. When starting Herd & Healy I knew I wanted to create clothing so in January 2021, we released our first collection of burgundy clothing! 

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any offers for the veterinary medicine degree so knew I was going to have to reapply. I graduated from my Animal Science degree in May 2021 and decided to take a gap year and not reapply in the autumn. 


Our collaboration with Zoe Robyn Jewellery began after we reconnected at a local Christmas fair at the end of 2021. Myself and Zoe first met about 10 years ago at our school's young farmers club. I had been looking at creating a range of jewellery but wanted a local company to be involved, so when I saw Zoe's collection of Bee jewellery, I knew this was going to work perfectly for our collection of country inspired jewellery.

We began to attend more events across Kent and started our collaboration with Kent Young Farmers Clubs'. We attended various farming fairs and completed our first ever country shows at the Kent County Show and Biddenden Tractorfest.


We started 2023 off with a bang! We began the move to manufacturing our clothing range, instead of myself decorating the items in house. This move was massive for us and has allowed us to grow as a business!

We attended many more agricultural shows across the South East England, including; Essex YFC Show, South of England Show, Kent County Show, Biddenden Tractorfest and Edenbridge & Oxted Show.


Fast forward to now, I am running Herd & Healy alongside 2 part time jobs and whilst studying my masters in Infectious Diseases part time at a local university, which I will graduate this August. We have kickstarted the year with our new website and are busy planning what events we will be attending this year. Although we won't be attending many events this summer, we are planning to get out there more this Autumn. 

Although plans change, I do know that I can not wait to see what the future holds for Herd & Healy! I hope you love and enjoy Herd & Healy as much as I do! 

- Briony x